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Church Board:

The Church Board is the policy-making body of the church. Headed by the senior

pastor, the board consists of ministry leaders and the spiritual leadership of the church. The board

meets monthly to consider financial and business matters, program proposals, and develop the master activity calendar. The board also formulates the strategic goals of the church.


Board of Elders:

This board consists of the lay elders and the pastoral staff.  They focus on matters

related to worship and the spiritual development and health of the church and congregation. The board is headed by the First Elder, who is elected by the church body. All elders are board members. 


Church Clerk:

The Clerk is responsible for all matters related pertaining to church membership and

official business meetings of the church.  The Clerk maintains the membership roster, baptismal

records, and the church calendar.  This office also coordinates membership transfer requests, schedule baby dedications, and records minutes for meetings of the Church Board and the church in business session. 



This ministry keeps the church informed of activities, policies, and the overall life of

the church via traditional and digital tools and media.  The Communication Director markets the

church’s services programs and services, manages the church website, and also serves as the

church’s communication liaison to the local conference.   



This committee has the primary fiduciary responsibility on behalf of the church. It works in

close collaboration with the church Treasurer to develop the annual budget, monitor the budget, provide financial updates to the board and coordinate audits performed by the Southern California



Property Management:

This committee oversees the maintenance and upgrading of the church

property and campus. It also oversees the leasing of church facilities and manages tenant relations.  


Risk Management:

This position identifies and evaluates all matters, proposals, and conditions that

may pose a fiscal, safety and/or security risk to the church and its members. 



The Treasury processes and accounts for all funds collected at the weekly worship

services, pays the bills, and prepares monthly financial statements for review by the Finance

Committee and the Church Board. The treasurer works closely with the Finance Committee on all

budget matters.

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