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To know Christ and make Him known by utilizing our gifts through loving service and 

by preparing all for His soon return. 




We envision a church with a relevant, Spirit- driven worship service that inspires sincere heartfelt  praise to God.


We envision a congregation that is committed to collective and individual spiritual growth through 

daily devotion, prayer and other spiritual disciplines.


We envision a Christ-centered church that is passionate about spreading the gospel through

directed, purposeful and appealing ways.


We envision a church that exemplifies Christ in all of our interactions with others and each other.


We envision a church culture that is genuinely loving, friendly, hospitable, and embracing to

everyone and creates a culture where visitors and members are universally valued.


We envision a church that innovatively ministers to the needs of all people: men, women, seniors, 

young adults, youth and children. 


We envision a church that is sensitive to the needs of the community and partners with local

resources to provide appropriate services to meet those needs.


We envision a church whose members are exemplary stewards over the resources that God has

entrusted us with.


We envision a church with a debt-free campus with state-of-the-art facilities that enable us to do 

innovative ministry, generate income, and provide opportunities for recreation.


We envision a church with a highly diversified ministry that encompasses the creative and

performing arts, nurtures artistic talent and provides a public outlet for creative expression to the glory of God.


Adopted by the Breath of Life Congregation in December 2014

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